This is a note I sent to ‘Maggie P’, published in Magnolia Living and her reply, in September 2016. It also appeared in NextDoor in November of that year.

Dear Maggie — We have a lovely front entrance, and that short stretch of iconic Southern charm with shady, overarching trees, Spanish moss and Magnolia blossoms. But if there’s one thing all these limbs have in common, it’s that they’re all going to end up on the roadbed eventually. Let’s hope that’s 3AM someday and not anytime soon. I know that a serious accident was caused not long ago by falling branches in Penney Farms My suggestion is that we get ahead of this and remove them now. —Cautious

Dear Cautious — Our association manager informed me that tree trimming is at the very least an annual event. Recommendations are taken from the Landscape & Irrigation Committee. The trimming is, then, performed by an independent contractor. Appearance and safety are the two main factors in establishing a scope of work each year. It is always possible that some situation could be overlooked. All residents are encouraged to report anything that could be improved within the community. That is especially true in regards to any situation that might involve the safety of our neighbors