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First published in The Magnolia News – December 2023

Online since 2002, magnoliaresidents.com is Magnolia Point’s original website. For over 20 years we’ve been first, the community’s only voice online, then its alternative social outlet. We hosted the first forum, built and ran the first community email system, and most recently, the first online community document search technology, which can be found at search.magnoliaresidents.com  Now the old friend is back, hosting an alternative effort to have your voice be heard, and matter.

The Magnolia News has tried to be just that, once a Money Pages wannabe, now turned to celebrating our neighbors, our Faces & Names, our OutSide spaces, our Interiors, our sports and hobbies, our triumphs and stumbles, our selfless charity, our community’s youth and treasure, our volunteer Committess and tireless Women’s Club, while devoting every advertising dollar to support the Clay County Rescue Mission. Celebrating us now and what we hope to be, not, as in the past, bullet-points in a Developer’s sales brochure.

Change is inevitable. Next year, it will appear as a tsunami at our back gate, just two turns from an interstate that runs without a stoplight from our Fairgrounds to Maine. Are we ready for this? Or will we continue with our heads in the sand, in denial, propping up worn tropes and cliches, in bitter internecine debate while enduring the abuse of agreements entered in good faith, and that, clearly, all that good faith being ours alone.

Would if we could have this be a Magnolia News of sweetness and light, unmarred by these ‘editorial’ murmurings. In all fairness, this is mostly an issue of just that. Read it and see! But we come bearing many gifts, some not so obvious. And with their tireless efforts, and with a spirit truly meant to be shared with neighbors and friends, our newest Magnolia Residents Group shares their wishes for this holiday season:

The mission of the Magnolia Residents is to improve life at Magnolia Point by getting our neighbors involved in inspiring the HOA Board of Directors to represent the entire community equally and fairly, and to fulfill their fiduciary duties to our Association above all else. To do this, we build relationships and share ideas with our fellow MPCA neighbors while working to arrive at a fact-based consensus for each issue. We value each voice and encourage regular discussion with those elected to make critical decisions on our behalf. We’re here for each other. Join us.

The Magnolia Residents’ 3-Point Plan:

  1. Arrange a vote by members of the community on the present Use Agreement with the golf club, or what a new Use Agreement will look like if that’s the residents’ preference.
  2. Properly Fund Reserves to ensure a secure financial future for Magnolia Point, per the recommendation of the Strategic Planning Committee’s 2022 Final Report.
  3. Arrange a vote by the community to decide which of any other recommendations of the SPC be pursued by the Board of Directors as agenda items in 2024.

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