Who are the Magnolia Residents?
We are a group of concerned residents who are interested in presenting alternatives to our neighbors and the MPCA Board of Directors. Our group is made up of newcomers, former Board members and current or past members of key MPCA committees.

What do you want?
We want our voices to be heard and the facts in all issues affecting the community be given the weight they deserves in critical decisions. We feel that history shows that many important and very expensive decisions have been made by the “Developer” who built out 12% of Magnolia Point or Board members who see no need in seeking the opinion of those who elected them. We seek to change the behaviors of the few that significantly affect the many.

Do you want the Club to go out of business? Isn’t that what this is all about?
Absolutely not. The owners have operated the Club for approximately 12 years now. The residents voted (50% plus about 5 extra votes) to help the Club for a three-year period. An option for a fourth year was included in the contract. Exercising that one-year option was at the sole discretion of the Board, which they did. One can easily see that the previous member-approved contract was never intended to be “in perpetuity”. Dream Finders developed 12% of the lots and used what some see as “questionable developer rights” to obligate 966 “forever”. Those developer rights expired upon turnover in March 2019. The total stipend to the Club since the original contract is now approaching $5,000,000.00. As the member-approved contract expired, the creation of the current Contract by the Developer occurred in July of 2015.

Why not just keep things the way they are?
The use agreement that was created and signed by the “Developer”, specifically mentions that the members of the MPCA will have use of only two amenities, a pool, and tennis courts. The members of the MPCA pay $450,815.00 per year ($1,235.00 per day) rent for nonexclusive use of those three items. Though the clubhouse and 18-holes of the golf course are owned by MPI, they are not included as part of the agreement, and for the most part, the entire package is equally available to anyone in the public desiring to enjoy them. There is minimal cost to the outsiders if and when they choose to use ‘our’ amenities. And while we believe that the legality of the Agreement is a serious question, we are certain that the value of the non-exclusive rental of the four items mentioned above is far below $450,815.00 per year.

Doesn’t the Club keep our home values high?
We understand this concern, we own homes here, too! Some in our community have suggested that eliminating the contract or adjusting the agreement to reflect the actual value for rental of the amenities would result in the Club closing. There has been absolutely no evidence to support that belief. That is due, in part, to the fact that the Club has refused to share any meaningful financial information whatsoever.

Even if one stipulates that the “sky will fall”, statistics do not support that theory. We have a comprehensive report available for each and every home sold in Magnolia Point, Orange Park GCC and the Ravines since 2006. The study is comprehensive and was compiled from public records. It was a painstaking task that required an experienced researcher thirty man hours to complete. The report is graphic and easy to understand. You can find it on our homepage, here.

Fear based on unsubstantiated numbers and eventualities are not good points on which one should make important decisions, which, left unchallenged, amounts to “forever”; we believe renewable terms approved and voted by Members of the community are reasonable and fair.

– The Magnolia Residents